What to say? taxi ride in Tokyo

In Tokyo, it is convenient to get around with public transportations such as train, bus, subway and monorail, but you may face a situation of being hurry to get somewhere or when you miss the last train (usually around 1am) but you still have a long way to your hotel.

In those situation, riding a taxi could be a good option.

Hard to pronounce a place you go in Japanese?

Many driver speak different language or they have an equipment to explain a basic rule  when you ride a taxi in Tokyo.

You may come across with a driver who doesn't speak your language, don't worry.

Prepare a piece of paper and write address you would like to go, and show it to a driver. And then the driver will drive you with no problem.

"Koko made itte kudasai." (Please go to this place) or,
"Koko onegai shimasu" (Please (take me) to here) by pointing an address.

How much does it cost?

Cost of a taxi ride is set from 380 - 410JPY for first 1,052km (0.65miles). After the basic fare it would increase by 80JPY per every 237meters. (0.147 miles)
Note; If you take a taxi between 22:00PM to 5:00AM, additional 20% will be charged as a night time operation fee.

Do you tip a driver?

Generally speaking, service fee is included to a product or services you would be offered in Japan. Meaning, you don't have to tip.

However, if you think you would like to show your gratitude to a driver, you could definitely tip! They'd be more than happy to show welcoming you!

Is it safe?

There is very small chance to come across with unlicensed taxi in Tokyo.
You could recognise with colourful taxi company on the side doors with dark green license plate.

There are 3 main options to take a taxi.

  1. Go to taxi stand. There is a taxi stand in front of a big railway station. You should be able to find a sign.
  2. Catch a taxi on the road just like a picture above.
  3. Ask a receptionist at your hotel.


Have fun in Tokyo!