HUB - Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station - You can travel from/to Tokyo station to other area even outside of Tokyo by using well-organised transportation system such as JR-Japan Railway train, Tokyo Metro Subway and Toei Subway.

Tokyo station is surrounded by 2 business/shopping districts, Marunouchi (West side) and Yaesu (East side).

Marunouchi is a business district and many office buildings are located between the emperor's place and Tokyo station. In the past 15 years, more than 20 buildings are renovated due to Tokyo development project.

Thanks to the redevelopment project, more people visit Tokyo station area for sightseeing purpose. There are also Marunouchi commercial facilities where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine, shopping, even get medical service.

Yaesu is more like shopping district. Daimaru department store, Yaesu basement shopping mall- "Yaechika" in short, Yaesu Bookcenter and so on.

Yaesu side redevelopment is underway and high-rise buildings are under construction towards 2021 to 2024.

Current Marunouchi station building has been renovated since 2007 and opened in 2012. Original station building was built back in 1914 using redbrick. However, it's burned down during WW2. It now looks the same as 100 years ago with earthquake-proof safety.

Tokyo Station hotel also opened October, 2012.
The Tokyo Station Hotel is directly connected from Tokyo Station south gate entrance (picture on the left) and also a few minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Subway line.

Have fun in Tokyo!