Worth to try Japanese traditional sweets -Taikyaki (sweet red bean snack)

TAIYAKI - Fish-shaped cake filled with red beans.

Fish shaped.. and tastes sweet.. Well, you probably think it is weird.

No worries! If you like pancake type of dough, it is worth trying!

You can get fresh-baked to-go snack for 200 JPY in Kanda area.

As you can see in the picture, it is literally fish shaped! This fish is called Tai (red sea bream). Red sea bream was luxury fish so people imitated the shape when TAIYAKI was invented about 150 years ago.

Red bean paste, Azuki in Japanese, is very sweet and thick, but it is a good match with crispy batter. For those who are skeptical to try very Japanese taste, you can try it with custard cream. They also serve fried Taiyaki. It is a bit greasy, but you can taste different flavour.

The store is located at the subway station, Ogawamachi (Toei S07) station, and  ShinOchanomizu (Tokyo Metro C12) on Chiyoda line.

Have fun in Tokyo!