Fighting with pollen allergy in Tokyo!

Pollen allergy is one of seasonal disease. and I have an allergy to cedar.

I really like spring because it is getting warmer day by day! However, it is annoying at the same time..It usually starts around end of January every year and lasts until early March for me.

You may see lots of people wearing masks in Japan especially in Spring season. If you are not familiar with Japanese culture, it looks very odd that so many people put medical masks on. Don't worry, most of them are not really sick. They are just preventing them getting sick or protecting themselves from inhaling allergen such as pollen, dust.

What I hate about symptom is running nose, tiredness, itchy eyes, throat and even ear.

I do not like to take medicine so I use spray "allergy block" skin lotion before I go out. I think it works for me well because I feel different when I forgot to spray on my face and hair. I am not sure that I can prove from scientific point of view, but my several symptoms not completely but ceased somehow. Thanks to Japanese cosmetic company, I survive this year as well!!

Fortunately, I did not have to go to see an ENT doctor this year. I have a familiar ENT doctor and he is popular in my hometown so whenever I go to the clinic, I sometimes have to wait a couple of hours. I know, it is ridiculous. That is why I try to something by myself.  Self-care !

Hope you have a great day!