3 Festivals you can enjoy in central Tokyo in June!

Coming to Tokyo for Japanese festivals you can go in June?

Here we have some information about major festivals you can experience Japanese traditional culture!!

Tsukiji Lion Festival

つきじ獅子祭-Tsukiji Shishi matsuri

Namiyoke Shrine (波除稲荷神社:Namiyoke Inari jinja) is located near Tsukiji Fish market.

1657 after Edo fire, people tried to rebuild the city to create manmade island in Tsukiji. however, big waves suffered the city many times.. and one day, people found the bright object of Worship and they housed it in a shrine.
Since then, people enshrine Lion head in the shrine and express deep gratitude by marching with lion head every year as festival.

What unique is that there is a special march district for female lion march by female, which become very famous part of the festival because men traditionally hold Heavy symbol such as Mikoshi (Portable shrine) or Lion head at a festival.

here is route map for the march.

Festival Schedule:
2018 June 6-11

Address: Tsukiji 6-20-37, Chuo-ku,Tokyo104-0045
Tel: +81 3 3541 8451

Access :
7min walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Silver) Tsukiji station (H10)
5min walk from Tokyo Toei Oedo Line (Pink) Tsukiji shijo (E18)

千日詣り ほおづき縁日-Sen nichi mairi Hoduki En-nichi

Hodudki En-nichi festival is held every year at Atago jinja-Shrine (愛宕神社).

"Sen" literally means thousand, and "nichi" is days. Traditionally, if you visit on this specific day it has equal meaning of you have visited thousand times!
En-nichi means temple/shrine festival. Normally, you can see many booth you can buy snacks, drinks, charms, and so on.

Purified green physalis will be displayed in the shrine. People used to drink as a decoction physalis as folk remedy. People have believed long time physalis is a symbol of health.
Also, your eyes must get caught for a big circle made by plants. It is said that you would have a benefit of good health and long life by walk through the circle! You have to try!

Festival Schedule:
2018 June 23-24

Address: Atago 1chome5-3, Minato-ku,Tokyo105-0002
Tel: +81 3 3431 0327

5min walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Silver) Kamiya cho station (H05)
8min walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (Orange) Tranomon station (G07)
8min walk from Toei Mita Line (Blue) Onarimon station (I06)

Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival

文京あじさい祭-Bunkyo Ajisai matsuri

Hakusan Jinja-Shrine (白山神社) and Hakusan park will hold annual Hydrangea festival.

The festival is open to public. You may not only enjoy walking around the shrine, but enjoy seasonal colourful flowers throughout the year.

The shrine originally was built in AD948, and was moved to the current place during Edo period (1655).
Hakusan shrine had been historically very close to Tokugawa shogunate family because it was physically near the Edojo castle.

Festival Schedule:
2018 June 9-17

Address: Hakusan 5Chome 31-26, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo112-0001
Tel: +81 3 3811 6568

3min walk from Toei Mita Line (Blue) Hakusan station (I13)
5min walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line (Emerald) Honkomagome station (N13)


Have fun in Tokyo!